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Thy Sand Vest™

$74.00 - $142.95

Why Train with an Alpha Strong Sand Vest

Thy Sand Vest was designed by Alpha Strong to improve your speed, mobility, agility, endurance, and general athleticism. You will be able to perform more explosive movements at higher speeds and improve your overall body strength and stamina after training with this tool. Translation: Get after it! The Vest will enhance any workout by providing resistance from the added weight at your core. Walking, jogging, running, bodyweight exercise and sport specific training (hockey, basketball, baseball, football or training for a Tough Mudder) are all more challenging as your muscles, bones, neuromuscular and cardiovascular systems have to work harder than normal with the vests shifting weight. So post workout, when you play for fun or for life without the vest on you will feel truly Alpha Strong.

Our vest is built for comfort and optimum function-ability to allow you to move freely while performing sport specific, explosive moves, or whatever moves you to be strong and reach your personal goals.

Added Alpha Features include:

  • Sand channels constructed to allow ideal sand shifting, to simulate your natural body movement & protect shoulders and spine.
  • Bungee cord closure ensures vest stays in place and snug
  • Quick release attachment hardware for easy removal to perform sprints with or without vest
  • Spacer mesh against your body for breathability and cushion
  • Reflective safety material for late running, and outside night workouts
  • Backpack foam in shoulder straps for extra comfort                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Alpha Strong Sand Vest has been tested with individuals, one-on-one training and in large groups to confirm superior performance and comfort with this piece of equipment.

What Size should I order?



holds up to 12lbs sand

Fits waists 25-40”

Weight recommended up to 150lbs


holds up to 16lbs sand

Fits waists 30-48”

Weight recommended up to 190lbs


holds up to 20lbs sand     

Fits waists 36-50”

Weight recommended up to & over 250lbs


Other ways to use the vest:

Alpha Strong Sand Vest can be used in conjunction with many other Alpha Strong products to create a multitude of movements and increase intensity and scope of your workout: 

  • Power Hipster – Hip belt for Tire Pulls, partner resistance, weighted pull ups
  • Strong Strap – Adjustable attachment strap for Tire pulls, partner resistance, suspension type training
  • Cargo Load – Load up your Tire Pulls with sandbags!
  • X –Strap – create rotational moves with the sandbags, suspension training, Tire Pulls
  • Thy SandBall – add weight to any of the above and MORE

Caution: The Alpha Strong Sand vest should be filled with even weight, front to back. Not doing so could cause unnecessary imbalance, which could lead to injury. Filling the vest too heavy could also cause injury. We encourage you to gradually increase your load and intensity of your workout to avoid such injuries. Stick to 6 to 8 % of your body weight, Max 10 %.

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