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Thy Coach™

Alpha Strong Sandbags are way ahead of the curve.
Alpha Strong bags are simple, strong, and made to last!
These are the first sandbags on the market that have function driven handles in multiple places on the bags and balls for easy handling and versatility.

You can do non-traditional moves by not using the handles, or traditional moves like pulls, pushes, lifts, and throws utilizing the handles. Alpha Strong bags feel like traditional sandbags in that the sand shifts as you move them; we call this fighting the bag!

  • Weight Capacity 15-50 Pounds
  • Load Weight using the Easy Access, Wide Mouth, Double Closure opening
  • Includes No Leak Inner Sandbag Liner that holds up to 50 pounds (sand not included)
  • Triple Set Handle Configuration for Maximum Versatility

Alpha Strong bags are made out of durable fabric that can take punishment! They are constructed to hold up under the most intense exercise regime. We started testing Alpha Strong bags in gyms that have used this type of equipment for years with no success in longevity of the equipment. Broken liners, ripped handles, and inferior materials have been a frustration in using this type of tool effectively, but they are no longer an issue with Alpha Strong bags.

Sandbags and SandBall workouts: Challenging and never boring. You will be fatigued after every drill with these tools! The sand in the bag or ball is shifting and changing every time you move it, which makes this workout challenging and effective. You can go heavy or light. You Choose: heavy, slower more controlled movements; or lighter, with more speed and reps! You can train individually or with large groups, and this tool will bring change and results. Oh yeah, and sweat!

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